Plasma Filler


The course in plasma filler includes both theoretical part and practice of obtaining and implanting autologous (PPP) filler on models.

The plasma filler gel is extracted from the patient’s blood and then subjected to a special technological process leading to a natural, autologous filler. The filler (plasma filler) is a very safe preparation, which does not cause allergic or migratory side effects.

Treatment with autologous filler is ideal for patients who are not used to treatments with hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its non-hygroscopic properties and yellow colour, it is considered by experts to be the best filler for filling the tear valley and eye area without the risk of Tyndal effect and vascular complications. The filler can be used successfully in the entire face, hands, neck and décolleté.

Training programme of autologous plasma filler:

– theory and discussion of differences in treatment effects using blood products ( Iprf, PPP, PRP)

– blood composition and properties of autologous preparations

– Treatment effects based on scientific literature

– Discussion of sets for PPP extraction

– Discussion of device properties and operation

– Treatment areas and product dosage: face: nasolabial folds, tear valley, marionette wrinkles, volumetry, neck and décolleté, hands

– Indications for cannula and needle work

– indications and contraindications to procedure

– possible complications and safety algorithm

– Occupational health and safety in work with blood derivatives

The practical part involves working on models

– preparation of the treatment site

– qualification for the procedure and informed consent form

– performing a procedure in the area of the valley of tears (cannula)

– procedure for nasolabial folds, marionettes (cannula and needle)

– volumetrics of cheeks (cannula)

– procedure on the neck and décolleté

– implementation of treatment on hands


Completed phlebotony training and level 3 in cosmetics / level 4 in micropigmentation (or accredited micropigmentation training), medical education or their equivalent, skin needling mesotherapy.

Duration: 2 Days
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