Fillers – Advanced masterclass level


The patient – his expectations and the actual nature of aesthetic defects. Selection of the appropriate filling substance available on the market depending on the anatomy of wrinkles, the doctor’s capabilities and the effect expected by the patient.

Training program

Theoretical part:

  • Discussion of individual types of face structure, analysis of differences in face structure depending on gender.
  • Presentation of individual advanced methods of treating selected areas of the face with the use of fillers.
  • Overview of the dangerous areas of the face.

Practical part:

  • Analysis of patients depending on the modeled area of ​​the face, proposing a treatment plan and their execution.
  • The presented treatment areas:
    • enhancement of the cheekbones,
    • lip augmentation – all techniques,
    • modeling the cheeks,
    • modeling of the chin and chin,
    • mandible modeling,
    • face volumetry,
  • The use of a needle and a cannula in the administration of fillers.
  • Administration of fillers to the subcutaneous tissues and over the periosteum.
  • Hygiene and health and safety rules in the office.
  • Discussing medical records and informed consent form.
  • Anatomy and structure of the skin.
  • Indications and contraindications for the procedure.
  • Discussion of postoperative complications.
  • Manners of dealing with complications.
  • Discussion of the pre-and post-treatment procedure.
  • Exercises on models


Completed training in needle mesotherapy, level 3 in anatomy and physiology, level 3 in cosmetics, level 4 in micropigmentation or accredited training in micropigmentation, medical education or their equivalent.

Basic fillers training completed.

Duration: 1 Day

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