Microneedle fractional & Radio frequency


The advantage of the procedure is that it can be performed all year round

Microneedle radiofrequency – a treatment recommended for effective rejuvenation of the skin, especially of the face and neck. It allows you to remove wrinkles, scars and narrow skin pores. Huge efficiency and an exceptionally short recovery period put her at the forefront of aesthetic medicine treatments.

The training is individual and takes place during one day.

During the training, you will receive sample consents for the procedure for the patient, as well as other necessary information regarding the legal protection of the procedure against the procedure.

If you have questions related to the material during the training, you can always call us. The price includes training materials, preparations necessary to carry out some practical classes and models / models.


  • indications
    • facelift, and various areas of the body and eye area
    • treatments for scars and stretch marks
    • elimination of wrinkles and skin firming
    • improvement of the oval
    • reduction of skin pores
  • contraindications
  • discussion of the different depths of the treatment in relation to a given area
  • application of appropriate parameters depending on the area and problem
  • discussion of the technique of performing the procedure
  • combining with other treatments
  • recommendations for the price of the procedure
  • post-treatment care preparations


  • Preparation of the patient for the procedure (appropriate consents for the procedure, preparation of photographic documentation)
  • Performing the treatment on the face and neck.

Duration: 1 day

    • £


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