Platelet-rich plasma & fibrin


Skin revitalization with the treatment with platelet-rich plasma and fibrin reduces wrinkles. It is very popular due to its high efficiency and the use of material taken from the patient. This is especially important for people prone to allergic reactions.

Blood test tubes are placed in a laboratory centrifuge, which centrifuges the plasma. A properly prepared preparation is injected into the skin using: needle mesotherapy, pointwise or linearly, along wrinkles and skin folds. In order to provide patients with maximum comfort, the procedure is performed after the skin is anesthetized with a suitable cream.

In our training, you will learn the basics of anatomy and the special features of the areas that are most often subjected to this treatment. Injection techniques will be presented in detail. You will learn the principles of patient preparation for the procedure and contraindications to its performance.

The practical part includes exercises on models, performed under the supervision of qualified trainers.

Expand the offer of your salon, gain an advantage over the competition – after this training, you will perform treatments using platelet-rich plasma and fibrin on your own.

Price includes (centrifuge included in the training price)

Duration: 1 day

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